Besides smelling pleasantly and looking beautiful, the wood of the arolla pine has much more to offer. A study, which investigated the effect of arrolla pine in the bedroom, showed that arolla pine has indeed a positive effect on heart rate variabilty and on sleep. The heart rate can slow (up to 3.500 heartbeats per day) and the circulatory system is working better.

Arolla pine - the so-called queen of the Alps

Therfore, a bed made of arolla pine promotes relaxation and well-being.

Relax 2000 aus ZirbenholzThe wood of the so-called queen of the Alps - used in your bedroom - can also influence the sensitivity to changes is weather, since it might stabilise blood circulation.

Moreover, arolla pine prevents the development and multiplication of clothes moths and has an antibacterial effect in a moist environment.

The arolla pine bed - natural and free from metal

We exceptionally use untreated and natural wood for our arolla pine beds, as for all our solid wood beds. RELAX® only uses natural materials from sustainable production. Due to the 100% metal-free manufacturing process, you will sleep well and healthy. Using natural materials for the production of our products is our highest prority - therefore, the health-promoting arolla pine is one of our most valueable products.